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print on demanPrint On Demand is a term used in the printing industry to describe the process of instantly (yes same day) printing only what you need when you need it. For instance in the past if you were having a seminar or a conference with 50 delegates attending a forum on the future of printing in Cape Town South Africa, it would normally have to print a few hundred or thousand brochures to make the price per unit produced a reasonable price, that has all changed with Print On Demand you can now print exactly the right amount of printed product required for your conference only a day before the conference takes place, and print exactly the right amount of printed product for the correct amount of delegates, wasting nothing in the process that’s what the term Print On Demand means.

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Print on Demand: Close up of an offset printing machine during production

In South Africa, the term Print On Demand is synonymous the book printing industry. In saying this a real “Print On Demand” service doesn’t really exist in Cape Town at the moment (2013) most printers will print from 10 copies to 100 copies and the publisher or self-publisher will hold stock of the book until a customer orders the book. A book published in South Africa will sell only 2000 copies and be brandished a best seller.

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