Thesis FAQ

Thesis printing & binding frequently asked questions FAQ

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What margins are required for the thesis binding?
We prefer 3cm on the binding edge for sewing and 2cm on the 3 other edges. If you have used Word to produce your work then standard margins will be acceptable. Ensure that fold-outs and diagrams produced have reasonable margins and that page numbers, headers, and footers are away from the edge.

I would like my thesis to look as impressive as possible for submission. Which form of binding do you suggest?
Hard binding looks best. Please ask to view a sample when you come in.

Can I have a pocket on the at the back of the thesis?
Yes, we can supply pockets for maps, CD Roms, floppies, etc.

Do you do soft binding &comb-binding thesis binding?
Yes, all forms and any thickness of binding.

Do you do soft binding with an acetate front and card back for my thesis?
Yes, we do thesis soft binding.

Do you need to book for the 24-hour thesis binding service?
Yes, please call us on 021 951 1464

If I do not require your 2-day thesis binding service, what other service do you offer?
2-3 days. and 5 working days

How much do you charge for binding my thesis?
Every thesis is different, please contact us for details.

What are your trading hours for thesis printing?
Monday to Thursday 8.00am – 5.00pm. Friday 8.00am – 3:00pm.

Are you open on Saturdays?
We are not normally open on Saturdays, but arrangements can be made arranged if necessary.

Can I post my thesis and dissertation to you?
Yes you can, but we prefer email, dropbox, FTP or our form, or alternatively drop in and see us here, please enclose all contact details and if your thesis is not standard then we need to know your binding specifications.

What are the thesis binding specifications for College/Department/University
Must be hard bound copies. Case colour is your choice. We have a range of colours. Title, initials and surname must appear on the spine only running from top to bottom. Comb-binding/spiral binding will not be accepted.

Can you deliver my thesis to College/Department/University?
Yes, we offer this service

Do you have samples of the thesis you bind?
Yes come and see for yourself.

Can I park easily outside your premises?
Yes it’s free all day.

Where are your premises?
We are located in 5 Koets Road, Parow Industria.

Are you open on Bank Holidays?
No, but you can still contact us with any queries by phone or e-mail.