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Always wanted to see yourself in print, here is some advice on publishing & printing your own book, commonly known as book publishing.

Many of us would like to see what we have written in print. It may be our memoirs, our stories, our poems or our family history. Maybe it’s a children’s book with our child’s illustrations, or a collection of our favorite recipes with anecdotes related to the times these meals were eaten.

For the majority of us this will always remain only a pipe dream. Very few aspirant authors will find a publisher for what they have written.

The answer to this is to self publish. This is often referred to as “vanity publishing”, but there is nothing vain about wanting to see your work nicely printed and bound and on your, your family’s or your friends’ bookshelves.

Traditionally, publishing is a very costly exercise… now, with advances in digital technology, it can be achieved at a very reasonable price and a lot of the work you can do yourself.

Print On Demand can help you realise this dream.
Print On Demand offers a range of publishing services, any combination of which can help you to get your book into print.

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Have you have already typed everything in a word processing program? If so, we can help you with editing, copy editing, format design and layout – or, if you’re quite satisfied that what’s there is pretty perfect, just get it ready for print.

If all you have is a bunch of handwritten pages, we can assist with getting it print ready and although there would be a small cost to this it certainly wouldn’t compare to the costs of going via a mainstream publisher.

In addition, we can assist you with your ISBN number and we at Print On Demand will always recommend this as it will also act as a form of copyright thereby protecting your hard work.

What will it cost?
This is not an easy question to answer, because the cost will depend on what services are required, how much work is involved, how you want it printed, the kind of paper stock, and binding. We can, however, give you some examples: Example Book Printing Costs


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